Biocontrol and Agroecology for the protection of tree crops

We offer solutions inspired by nature to ensure complete protection of your plots while preserving their sustainability.

At CEARITIS we work on the research and development of biocontrol solutions against arboreal pests, and for holistic consideration of your orchards, our solutions are complemented by biological control practices.

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The Push&Pull Solution Step 1

The fruit fly is naturally attracted to the tree and the fruit.

The Push&Pull Solution Step 2

We spray the tree and fruits with a natural repellent (inspired by molecules naturally emitted by pests) in order to deflect pests from the plot.

The Push&Pull Solution Step 3

Outside the plot we have an attractive device to attract deviated pests.

The Push&Pull Solution Step 4

We have created an autonomous trap which diffuses a natural attractive solution and traps large quantities of pests diverted from plots.

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