Technology for agroecological transition

Cearitis enables sustainable management of natural resources for autonomy and sustainability of orchards. By rethinking the production space and practices, we offer a three-step key approach. Whether used alone or in conjunction with biocontrol, our biological control offering allows your plots to return to virtuous production.

Drawing inspiration from nature to protect our orchards

Research at Cearitis is conducted in several stages. Initially, our entomology research officers analyze the behavior of flies and identify the attractive and repulsive molecules that naturally occur between the pest and the studied fruit.

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10 Mds$

Annual estimated damages in arboriculture, with the fly being the primary pest in tree crops.


Annual sales losses occur each year due to devastation. Losses of 40 to 80% are observed annually due to “Drosophila suzukii” in cherries.

300 M$

Global economic losses caused each year by the olive fly.


Fruit varieties at risk

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