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At Cearitis, we are committed to providing tangible and respectful solutions to the current challenges in agriculture. We promote sustainable practices that preserve biodiversity, optimize natural resource management, and ensure the economic viability of farmers.

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Push&Pull Solution

Our innovation, the Push & Pull technology, is a protective system against tree pests, utilizing an attraction and repulsion mechanism. This technological breakthrough allows for more efficient use of water and nutrients, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and supports the development of local value chains that contribute to both food security and the circular economy.

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Cearitis is also about a passionate team working every day to develop effective and sustainable solutions for orchard protection.

The Vision of Cearitis: To Become THE Reference in Phytosanitary Matters Worldwide in 10 Years

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Join the movement towards sustainable agriculture with Cearitis. If you are interested in innovative agricultural solutions, visit our contact page to learn more and start a constructive dialogue. Your future in agriculture starts here!

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