Cearitis: biocontrol in protection

Cearitis offers a biocontrol system for protection against tree pests. Inspired by existing interactions in nature, this solution mimics the interaction between the tree and the pest. Comprising both attractive and repulsive elements, the autonomous system protects up to 90% of your crops.

Biocontrol by Cearitis

The repulsive REMO solution is sprayed over the orchard. Made of repulsive molecules, naturally present between the tree and flies, it creates a barrier against the pest and diverts them away from the orchard.

The PIRA trap, installed outside the orchard, autonomously diffuses the attractive SAMO solution, powered by a solar panel. Composed of natural attractive molecules, the diverted pests are lured and trapped inside the trap.

Biological Control


2025 marks the end of the authorization for the sale of phytosanitary products against “Drosophila suzukii”.


90% effectiveness of our biocontrol solution against “Bactrocera oleae”.


70% effectiveness of our biocontrol solution against “Drosophila suzukii”.

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